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A consagração do artista – English version / Versão em Libras

The consecration of the artist

There is no knowledge about Chico da Silva’s visual production in the 1950s, although his work circulated in museums in Europe, introduced by Chabloz. In 1960, the Swiss artist returned to Brazil. To contribute to Chico da Silva’s return to the arts, he arranged a formal job for him at the Art Museum of the Federal University of Ceará (MAUC). Chico da Silva worked there for about two years, and this experience was fundamental to his artistic growth. While at this institution, his production gained volume and depth, leading him to establish a direct relationship with the artistic field and enabling the dissemination and sale of his artwork.

Throughout the 1960s, Chico da Silva’s works circulated in Brazil and abroad. The current exhibition gathers artworks made by Chico during his time at MAUC, including part of the set that would lead him to consecration at the 1966 Venice Biennale, where his works received an honorable mention. Works presented in the 1967 São Paulo Biennial are also included.

Question from the art education program

Do the places where an artwork has been exhibited affect its valuation?


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